• PC Repairs

    We offer repairs, replacements and services on most hardware ans software related issues. We are not limited to computers and have experience with home automation, mobile devices (software), servers, cameras and some electronic security devices. Just ask us and we will either help you with the issue or find someone who can. We have multiple businesses that work in conjunction with us and our clients. Feel free to ask about the services that our other clients offer.

  • Hardware & Software

    We supply Hardware and Software on multiple platforms and for multiple uses from computers to robotic vacuum cleaners, Android devices and smart watches. We offer basic software as well as specialised programs. Just contact us and we will do our very best to get you what you need at the best prices.

  • Servers

    Maintenence | Installations | Support | Spares

  • Antivirus

    Virus Removal | Antivirus Software | Hardware Firewalls | Internet Security

  • Networking

    Support | Installations | Upgrades | Repairs

  • VoIP

    Hardware | Service Provision | Installations

  • Websites

    Design | Hosting

  • Design

    Graphic Design | Branding | Business Identity